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JE Taiyo [太陽]

A Johnny's Jimusho PV Community

JE Taiyo [太陽] - A Johnny's Jimusho PV Community
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PV is an abreviation of Promotional Video, better known as Music Video.
JE is an abreviation of Johnny's Entertainment. A big japanese boy-group talent agency.
Put both of the above things together and you get the biggest fangirl magnet ever!
This community is for all of those out there who just can't get enough of JE and it's colourful music videos.
Discover, Drool, Laugh, Love, Obsess...basically, just do what fangirls do best! XDD
Community Mod :: ayume_matsumoto

Oh yes, everything nowadays needs rules :
The idea of this community is to get your dosage of pretty boy love find & share PV's of Johnny's Entertainment boys. Remember that! o(^___~)v
Anything related to JE PV's, such as News/Icons/Screencaps etc is allowed. But it must be only related to PV's. There are many more communities out there for all your other JE needs. ^^
Be kind to your fellow uploaders and comment if you download/take something. And, Credit them if they ask for it. (Icon/Screencap-wise)
Requesting is for obvious reasons totally allowed, afterall, admit it, we all want to drool over Matsujun complete our collection of JE PV's, don't we?
If someone is kind enough and says they will upload something for you, don't rush them or keep pushing. Let people upload in their own time. They don't have to do it, they choose to out of the kindness of their fangirl heart.
No bashing of other members. I know some of you like your kat-tun fangirl moments fun, but please have fun in a nice way.
Try and support our pretty boys wherever you can. I know it's hard (I really do), but if you love them you should support them.
Any complaints bring them straight to me via my email or personal lj before you go spamming the comm with them. (Or take them up with the other person involved. Just don't take them up with the whole comm.)
Oh, yes, advertising another community or site is allowed here, as long as it has something to do with JE.
Spread the Love that is JE! (In other words, Cross-posting is allowed, by all means...just, don't over do it.)

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Want your community to be affilated with us? Just contact me or leave a post about it.